Email Marketing

At the top of the market, SIX Marketing can create thousands of potential customers based on your criteria. Our unique Email Service is the most complete program on the market. Let us drive your Campaign so you don’t have too! Our objective is to create success Without The Hassle! using our ability to generate new business and revenue for your company.
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Text Marketing

With over 90% of the country using cell phones, consumers and businesses rely heavily on their devices to keep connected at work and at home. Text Marketing has become a great way to reach the masses and obtain almost a 100% open rate! The Highest Return On Investment On The Market Today! Our Text Program will allow you to take advantage of that and connect NOW!
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Fax Advertising

Despite the digital trends, we know that faxing isn’t obsolete. Businesses still rely on it for instant receipt of legal documents and other important items. Our Fax Advertising program delivers your message directly to businesses located in your area. You Choose Your Target Audience Whether it’s a menu or a flyer, we can put your info directly into the hands of potential clients.
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Complete Marketing Services with No Headaches

With over 2,000 Small Business Clients We Pride Ourselves In Repeat Business! , Six Marketing is the right choice for you! We offer the most complete and effective Unsurpassed Results! Digital Marketing Services in the Country.

We’ll Build Your Brand

At SIX Marketing, we offer the most comprehensive and effective marketing solutions in the country. Each campaign is individually designed and structured to reach YOUR target audience with maximum efficiency. Our experience in digital marketing is guaranteed to take your company to the next level.
      • Our anti-spam servers provide you with qualified results that are tracked and reported to you
      • Our design team customizes your campaign to maximize your return on investment
      • We ensure that your products are found and your message is heard.
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We Offer Custom Premium Marketing Templates

Each Client is assigned an individual Design Coordinator You're Personal Graphic Designer! who’s mission is to help create the perfect Digital Campaign Based on Your Exact Needs for your business needs and goals.


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SIX Marketing Offers Only the Best

      • Entry level programs available as well as complete marketing bundles
      • Custom designed email, text, and fax marketing templates
      • Weekly detailed result reporting
      • Quality customer service that’s reliable and professional
      • Flexible plans and proven products
      • Completely tailored campaigns designed to suit individual needs
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SIX Marketing is the MOST comprehensive marketing solution available!

We’ll provide your company with exposure, brand recognition, and profits using our unique digital marketing options!

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